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domingo, janeiro 22, 2017

and all the way I will

(Free Translation)

... and all the way I will embrace you
© Soaroir 23/8/08

Set aside that wine.
That merlot
Matching with our crop.
On the table, set the finest linen cloth.

Grace yourself.
And the house, brimming with flowers and candlesticks.
I will anchor in my port
Please, not one beauty reject.

I will take you as "si fueras un niño"
By hand, by arms, on lap
Among the enviable immortals
From Algarve to Minho

... and through the way
I will embrace you.

Set aside none of what we've had together
Of poetry, I'll take care of
For us to cross the portals.

And through the way
I will embrace you.

Motto: "Life with Wisdom"

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