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domingo, dezembro 17, 2006

An Angel

By Mihail Yurievich Lermontov (1814-41)
Para Wagner Andreatta

An angel flew across the midnight sky
And sang as he passed by;
The moon, the clouds, and all the heavenly throng
Received the holy song.

He sang of spirits blest, among the trees
Of Paradise at ease;
Of mighty God and all His wondrous ways
He sang with genuine praise.

Close in his arms a newborn soul he base
Towards the world of care;
And in that soul the music that he made,
Though wordless, ever stayed.

And with a strange desire all her days
She walked her worldly ways;
For dull the melodies of earth she found
After that heavenly sound.

From your mysterious friend of RL/MMIV

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denise severgnini disse...

Bruxinha, com meu pouco inglês li tua homenagem ao Wagner.Gostei do que eu acho que entendi!(risos).Adorei a gravura!Beijos,Denise