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sábado, setembro 25, 2010

Utilidades da Poesia

by Soaroir

Para que serve a poesia?

Velha poesia...
Depois de sobreviver ao tempo
guerras, intempéries e regimes
ainda (ela) serve para tudo e mais um pouco

Inclusive eu já a fiz de estabilizador, tripé
segurador de portas, peso de papel
montanha russa, graveto, mata-moscas

Há quem a use para tapar buracos
das paredes nos meses frios -
e de janelas, nos dias ensolarados

Agora mesmo, eu a uso para divagar...

Soaroir 25/9/10

baseado no texto:

What is poetry for?
I use it as a coaster, doorstop, paperweight, flyswatter, trivet, table-jiggling stabilizer, kindling, as absorbant material in baby nappies, to patch holes in my walls during the cold winter months! It goes on and on! But seriously, if we’re going to ask questions, how about this little one that’s been nagging at me the last few years: with poetry surviving several thousand years of countless wars, fires, dark ages, population decimating pandemics, ethnic cleansings, brutal totalitarian regimes, periods of indifference, floods, volcanoes, earthquakes, meteor strikes, and everything short of the sun blowing up

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