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segunda-feira, novembro 29, 2010

First-time Granma

Grandmother in the First Degree

(First-Time Grandma)

Pen Pal
From Backyard to Internet

Soaroir Nov/24/2010

Good old days when Granma's house was our major reference for family and  learnings on the yard and on the garden, I guess, since I only knew granma Ludmila, my father's mother who, for this and that, I had little interaction with and the few times we met, I was just one grandchild among a bunch around her, indifference that made me very sad.

Usually grandparents, at least the Latin ones, are jacks-of-all trades. However, they meddle into everything, for example my mother: because of her both my boys ended with compound names..

Although it can be very fun, namig a child is no easy task. We always relate a name to someone... who we might know or not.

While choosing my firstborn´s  name Mom said: "This is a slave's name". To please her, the chosen name became his second one. As of my second child, she kept saying that the name chosen didn't match the last name, neither had good rhythm. Now, I can´t imagine them with another name.

 Luckily for my son and daughter-in-law, my first grandchild will be born in the UK… But I haven´t given up on sending my two cents regarding the name-picking. Matthew was the first suggestion, immediately declined as could be a reason for “bullying” in Brazil. Then Theodor came up, and I sent it, by e-mail, together a complete numerological map for the name.

 They did not even reply… which reaffirms the ancient wisdom: we must not interfere with how parents choose to deal with their children and counsel only when we are prompted.

 But I kept thinking. Considering my first grandchild will be born on the land of Queen Elizabeth, makes sense if he would´ve his father's name plus a II

While waiting to be face-to-face with him I wonder how will be joining the British objectivity with my Brazilian beliefs...

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By Soaroir 29/11/10

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